Tax Preparation & Filing

for Construction & Remodeling Companies

Get a Certified Tax-Code Expert CPA Who Understands Construction Business Accounting Inside & Out

Why You Need an Accountant Who Specializes

in Small Remodeling & Construction Contractors

Most tax firms accept any and all client types from individuals to business owners of every industry both big and small. But with over 70,000 pages in the US Tax Code, it’s simply not possible to be an expert in every industry.

At Stream, we accept only owners of small construction and remodeling companies and know our industry inside and out. We understand all of the unique challenges of the construction business and have tailored our services specifically to serve that industry.

What You Get With Stream’s Small Business Tax Preparation

Dedicate Tax-Code CPA

 Returns Prepared & Filled by

A Construction-Expert CPA

All returns are filed by a tax-code-expert CPA who knows how to use the tax code in your favor to save your business every dollar legally available.

Tax Optimized


for Maximum Savings

Our CPAs do more than just check a few boxes on a tax return. We apply our extensive knowledge of the tax code to optimize your tax return for maximum tax savings.

Process Handled For You

We Handle the Entire

Process for You

We keep up with all deadlines and keep you in the loop every step of the way. So while you focus on running and growning your bsiness, we have you covered!

Tax Ready Financial Statements

Free Tax Audit Protection

In the case of an IRS audit, you won’t have to go at it alone. We provide you with free audit defense at no extra charge.

Good Communication

Unlimited Support

We provide you with unlimited support and access to a certified tax-code expert CPA to answer all of your tax-return-related questions.

*Not all of our packages include each item listed above. Please contact us for a detailed overview of each package.

Stop Overpaying Taxes

Every dollar you pay in taxes comes straight off of your bottom line. You need a tax professional who will work hard for you to find you every deduction possible.

At Stream, we don’t just check a few boxes on a tax return and call it day. We put in the time and effort to ensure that you are paying the least amount of taxes legally possible

Don' Over Pay Taxes

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