Tax Savings Starting at the Bookkeeping Level

Capture more tax deductions with construction-specialized bookkeepers who are tax-trained and backed by a CPA

How much money is your bookkeeper costing you in missed tax savings?

No matter how good your tax preparation professional is, finding bookkeeping errors at the end of the year is like finding needles in a haystack.

Missed deductions, miscategorized items that could lead to IRS penalties, and other costly mistakes will eat directly into your company’s bottom line. 

At Stream, your books undergo a 3-step verification process and are validated by an actual construction-specialized CPA, meaning you can rest assured that come tax time, your books are tax-ready, error-free, and optimized for tax savings.

missed tax savings

What You Get With Our Tax-Optimized Bookkeeping*

Tax Trained Expert Bookkeepers

A Tax-Trained Team of Expert Bookkeepers

We assign your account a bookkeeper who is tax-trained and managed by your dedicated Tax-Code Expert CPA & Tax Strategist.

Dedicate Tax-Code CPA

A Dedicate Tax-Code, Expert CPA Account Manager

Your account manager and direct point of contact will be your CPA & Tax Strategist who provide you unlimited support year-round. 

Triple Verified Records

Triple-Verified Monthly Financial Records

To help prevent missed tax deductions and tax penalties due to errors, your books will undergo a 3-step verification process before closing each month.

Tax Ready Financial Statements

CPA-Verified Monthly Financial Statements

We provide you with CPA-verified monthly financial statements each month including PnL, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statements.

Easy Tax Time

An Effortless Process Come Tax Time

Come tax time, we provide you with an end-of-year, tax-ready financial package. Just hand it over to your tax preparer and you’re good to go!

*Not all of our packages include each item listed above. Please contact us for a detailed overview of each package.

Catch-up Bookeeping

Need previous months’ bookkeeping caught up or cleaned up?

Whether you’ve fallen behind on your bookkeeping or your previous bookkeeper made a mess, we can get your books in perfect order and up to date quickly.

Can you work within my Quickbooks Online account or do I have to switch to another software?

No need to complicate things by making you switch software. We work directly withing your own Quickbooks Online software.

We can even help you get setup with Quickbooks Online if you don’t already have an account.

Quickbooks Online

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