We Save Construction & Home Service Companies Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Taxes Every Year

Tax-Optimized Accounting Designed Specifically for Small Construction & Home Service Companies

How We Help You Keep More of Your Hard Earned Profit*

financial analysis

Step 1: Deep Dive Financial Analysis

Our Lead Tax Strategist CPA will comb through your business and personal finances detail by detail and identify all of your missed tax-saving opportunities.

Tax Strategy

Step 2: Action Plan Formulation

Based on our findings from Step 1, we will formulate a detailed, step-by-step road map to achieve the maximum tax savings possible.

action plan execution

Step 3: Action Plan Execution

Our team of tax code experts will work hand in hand with your tax strategist to optimize your financials and execute your tax plan. We’ll closely monitor your business and track progress, all while providing unlimited support year-round.

tax optimized

Step 4: Tax Optimized Filing

Come year-end, we turn our team’s work into tangible cash-in-hand tax savings for you. Additionally, we’ll utilize our expertise to find you every deduction available to help ensure you pay the least amount of taxes legally possible.

*Not all of our packages include each item listed above. Please contact us for a detailed overview of each package.

What Clients Are Saying About Us

Accounting Tailored Specifically to Small Construction & Home Service Businesses

At Stream, we know all the ins and outs specific to small remodeling & construction business accounting:

  • Job Costing
  • Equipment & Vehicle Depreciation
  • Mileage Deductions & Reimbursement
  • Digital Receipt Organization
  • And more…
Tailored Accounting

We work with the apps you love

We work with the apps you love

Have peace of mind knowing that our team of certified tax-code experts has you covered

While you’re focused on running your business, we will be…

  • Continually combing through the ever-changing tax code seeking new tax-saving opportunities for your business
  • Optimizing your financials for maximum tax savings
  • Providing you with guidance & unlimited support year-around
  • Keeping your financials in perfect order
  • Staying on top of important deadlines
  • Providing you with useful, CPA-verified monthly financial statements

Not all of our packages include each item listed above. Please contact us for a detailed overview of each package.

We make excellent communication a top priority

Running a small construction business is tough, but reaching your tax team shouldn’t be. You need a tax team that’s responsive to your needs and easy to contact when you have questions.

  • Responsive to all your questions
  • Regular status updates
  • Human-first communication
  • Year-round, unlimited support
We Have Excellent Communication

Home Service Tax Knowledge Resources

Tax Bookkeeping Team

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What's Best for Contractors: Standard Mileage Deduction vs. Actual Auto Expenses

Vehicle expenses are a substantial cost for remodeling and construction companies. Learn how to evaluate what the best deduction method is for your business.

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Tax Bookkeeping Team

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you currently accepting new clients?

We are accepting new clients on a limited basis. Simply due to the time-intensive nature of our work, in order to provide our clients with the highest level of service possible, we accept only clients whom we feel we can provide the highest level of service based on their needs and our expertise. In other words, if we feel we will not be the best fit, we will let you know upfront.

How much do your services cost?

We do not offer a big-box, one-size-fits-all service. We provide a customized quote for each client based on what is required for us to provide them with the best results possible.

Are there any long-term contracts?

No, we do not require contracts in order to retain customers. The results we provide for our clients are why our clients stay on board.

Are there any cancellation fees?

No, if for any reason you feel that we did not meet your expectations and wish to not proceed with our services, we will never charge you a cancellation fee.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, for Tax Planning services we provide a 200% Return on Investment Guarantee. For Tax-Optimized Bookkeeping services, we provide a 1st-Month Money Back Guarantee. Meaning, if after we complete your first month’s bookkeeping, you feel we did not meet your expectations and wish to discontinue services, we will refund 100% of your money. Contact us for details.

Do you work with all industries?

While we do help out a couple of local non-profits, our primary focus and area of expertise is construction, remodeling and other home service contractors. 

I have real estate or other investments. Can you help me with that?

Yes! Many contractors have real estate and other investments, so we can certainly handle accounting related to your investments. In fact, such investments provide our clients with an even greater opportunity for tax savings.

What bookkeeping software do you work with?

We work exclusively with Quickbooks Online. If you currently use another software and wish to use our services, we will be happy to help you get set up with a new Quickbooks Online account.

Can you provide services for multiple businesses?

Definitely! We would simply assess the work involved and provide you with customized pricing.

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